WomenPower Shoes with Digital Order Platform

WomanPower Shoes (WPS) is a Danish special shoes design company.

The designer and owner of WomanPower Shoes, Ulla Hentze, designs special quality shoes and since 2005 she had cooperated with Chinese shoe factories to produce large shoe series for the European, Japanese and Chinese markets. In 2007, the dream of starting her own factory, WomenPower Factory (WPF), was realized in China, where she also produces hand-sewn shoes.

When in 2016, Ulla met with Syncorder, she soon realized the Syncorder supply chain management platform was a suitable solution for digitalizing the order flow of WPS from Denmark to China. However, an important feature of WPS production order flow is to be able to product exchange of documents between WPS and WPF. Syncorder developed and delivered such a standard functionality in 2017, helping WPS to exchange design drawings, pictures and specification digitally through the Syncorder platform.

Today the platform allows Ulla to be in total control of the order flow, by fully integrating communication and document exchange between WomanPower Shoes in Denmark and WomenPower Factory in China.

According to Ulla, Syncorder.com makes the ordering process more efficient and faster in addition to giving a good overview of the orders’ status.
”Thanks to Syncorder Order Management System I can finally sleep at night” says Ulla.

The result of system success is that WPS recommends her customers to use Syncorder.com to manage the orders she receives from her customers.
Syncorder is happy to share with our readers this powerful example of how Syncorder can makes it easier to manage your business globally.

The solution is possible due to Syncorder global replication enabling Chinese companies to run orders online with Europe and other areas. If you also want to make your order process easier, contact us (sales@syncorder.com) and Syncorder will provide you with a personalized solution to your business’ needs.