Be online with all updates and changes in your supply chain

NOTIFICATIONS enhance the value of, thus giving updates of order progressing, even without the user need to stay logged on.

Updates are given based on order progress into new phases, new chat, and all changes to information, where does the monitoring for synchronization issues, plus alerts on all other data fields in the common transactions.

ERP loaded orders steps to,  request, confirmations, shipments, receives,  are thus  also forwarded to business partners,- and the  widespread use of corporate mobile devices as smartphones and tablets is now  given new value for  online core operations management, now having all movements, responses and changes available at all time.

NOTIFICATIONS is being developed further in Syncorder’s roadmap for user centric and friendly business system  services available in Syncorder’s CLOUD ,- to enhance further integrated internal company control of ERP, combined with possibility of mobile external management of ERP  and common supply chain processes in the  business network.