Vinno starts up Syncorder

Vinno was founded in 2010 by a team of highly educated medical experts with fruitful research and development experience in Fortune Global 500 enterprises. Vinno is a technology company specializing in high-quality, innovative color Doppler systems integrated with a custom RF platform.
In the short time it has patented 61 inventions and won the 2013 A’Design Platinum Award and very high reputation in China and Europe.  With the fast development of products with high level of quality control, Vinno has presented a very outstanding marketing performance worldwide.

Vinno’s mission is to provide customers with world-class medical equipment through continuous innovation, unrivalled performance, and effective solutions.
In August, 2016, Vinno started to use Syncorders system and is in the process with ERP (Yonyou) to fully implement Supply Chain Management, which will enhance Vinno’s operation efficiency and deliver more satisfaction to Vinno’s customers.