Syncorder Project Model

Syncorder is proud to introduce the Syncorder Project Model, which is a framework for successful implementation of the system and processes. Tomasz Wysocki is responsible for its development and implementation.

“It really boils down to serving our Customers in the best possible ways.” says Tomasz. “At Syncorder, we help our Customers to better cooperate with their Customers and Suppliers. The results are savings in terms of time used for administration and better planning in their Supply Chain and Production, for all involved parties.

Syncorder provides three access points, the ERP integration, the standalone accessed from any browser, and the mobile app (coming in September). The last two are quickly and easily deployed, whereas the ERP integration normally incorporates a smaller or larger project.
Depending on the capabilities and wishes of every specific Customer, we put together a package that will secure a successful implementation. This could include Project Management, Change Management, SCM Consulting, ERP Consulting and Training, all of which is incorporated into the

Syncorder Project Model. Some of our Customers have specific project organisations which will handle the implementation. Others, especially smaller, may need external support in doing so. With our Project Model and organisation, we can support and provide all the necessary services, coordinating a successful implementation and keeping the cost down.”