Syncorder releases Syncorder App

Syncorder now introduces its mobile SYNCORDER APP 1.0/1.1 for fast, easy and secure order-to-invoice flow, ideal for small companies, with high order flow and shifting physical work environment for the personnel.

The Syncorder App is the first collaborative order APP, which controls and retains common process data from both buyer and vendor until delivery, receipt and invoice – the vendor sideruns Windows desktop version, or confirm/ship/invoice via ERP integration to

The App launch takes initially place in the Baltic in the restaurant/hotel sector. Syncorder sales manager Edgars Miezis explains the solution satisfies personnel’s need for quick updated data from the suppliers into the dynamic catering places, where demand changes often and deliveries happens every day.

Syncorder App is designed for short sessions, typical for mobile use, with the application organized in order steps, and  short 2-click access to order status and update with online access to WiFi/mobile network.

The Syncorder App is saving  time of the personnel’s long working day in the restaurant -avoiding sold-out situations and automatically controlling that agreed upon prices and delivery dates are kept.

The reuse of orders is facilitated, adding lines and removing others – and typically only making a few changes to quantity and delivery dates.

Syncorder App automatically displays online any deviations in expected deliveries whish should be addressed, and notifies the vendor/buyer automatically.

In the first round, the APP is launched for Android and later for iOS. Syncorder App also works offline and informs user when the network is lost, and order book is saved, and lets the user work offline to maximize convenience of mobile devices1.1.

The logout function ensures data can be kept in mobile devices or eventually erased if security demands that1.1. All data can via Syncorder’s cloud-based Business Connector be loaded to cost-of-goods-sold accounts in financial systems, or to receive the entry into an inventory system.
Edgars Miezis tells that restaurants are asking for SYNCORDER APP to be able to register the product arrival by taking a picture of a product or barcode, a feature soon available in the SYNC APP, including the use of’s collaborative vendor-buyer/product catalog functions.
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1.1  This feature will be introduced with version 1.1 of Syncorder App.