Syncorder is also in Wine Industry

February 2018, MUJOLAN Luxembourg and the Domaine de Mujolan France, signed up as new customers of Syncorder.

Mujolan Luxembourg’s main purpose is the distribution for Luxembourg, Benelux and Northern Europe of the large selection of wines by the producer Domaine de Mujolan located in the wine area of Languedoc near Montpellier in Southern France. Various wines have been awarded prices by known organisations like Independent Vintners, Vinales, Silènes and the recognised Guides Hachette and Petit Fûté.

The Domaine de Mujolan in France has for some months been a Syncorder supplier partner of Syncorder Luxembourg, and with the new activities in Luxembourg in this vertical distribution chain became with Mujolan Luxembourg a full customer of Syncorder. 

The planned use of Syncorder will group collective or independent purchase activities of both organisations, including intracompany activities, as well as sales activities of both companies to their respective business clients, be it appointed distributors, restaurants, hotels, shops etc.
Mujolan and its business partner takes advantage of easy start up process with Syncorder using the web platform. 

Are you also in start up process, make it easy with Syncorder solutions.