NOFU integrates Ellos,, Imerco, Lomax

NOFU expanding its Syncorder- Network

Syncorder are happy to announce NOFU have integrated four new retailers to their Syncorder-network, digitalising their supply chain further.

NOFU is a Danish furniture producer that creates handmade, sustainable furniture respectful of Scandinavian design traditions and craftsmanship. NOFU is a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, and all of NOFU’s products are sustainable sourced from solid PEFC wood. NOFU has invented a ground-breaking new approach towards retail and supply chain of furniture where each piece of furniture is made to order in Vietnam; hence the production cost is at an attractive low level. This means that NOFU can offer quality furniture at highly competitive price points.

In order to further increase their competitiveness, NOFU decided in 2017, to digitalise their entire supply chain. NOFU integrated the standard components of and Syncorder Business Connector (SBC) with its factories in Vietnam and retailers throughout Scandinavia, thus creating a digital enterprise.

 As the demand for NOFU’s products increased, so did the number of NOFU-retailers. During the fall of 2019, Syncorder have integrated four new SBC’s for NOFU’s new retailers; Ellos, Imerco, Lomax and This integration will further increase NOFU’s control of their logistic flow, and full automation between the webshop, the factory, the forwarder (Consignor) and the ERP system (Visma Business).

 For more information about the solution please contact our Key Account Manager Oscar Gustavsson at