Danish Furniture Design with Digital Supply Chain

NOFU is a new brand making timeless, Danish designed furniture by hand – it is easy to recognise the clean lines so typical for classic Danish design. 

The products are made in solid sustainable PEFC wood and affordable by anyone. The furniture is full of intelligent solutions with focus on function, quality and the environment. At the same time, NOFU has invented a ground-breaking new approach towards retail and supply chain of furniture. Each piece of furniture is made to order in Vietnam, hence the production cost is at an attractive low level. This means that NOFU can offer quality furniture at very competitive pricing.

The designer behind NOFU, Bertil Stam has during the last twelve years lived and worked in Vietnam. He has previously created furniture for such Danish design retailers as Bolia, Sofakompagniet and BoConcept as well as several international furniture brands.

In 2017, Syncorder has delivered the supply chain management platform to NOFU, using the standard components of syncorder.com and Syncorder Business Connector (SBC), and have thus created a digital enterprise for NOFU.

The platform allows NOFU to be in total control of the flow, and full automation between the webshop, the factory, the forwarder (Consignor) and the ERP system (Visma Business).

During 2017 NOFU is going to roll out its distribution network based on syncorder.com, to a range other countries in Europe.

The furniture can since April be bought online from Bilka.dk, Føtex.dk and Wupti.dk.

For more information about solution please contact Market Manager Tomasz Wysocki on tw@syncorder.com