Are you still not rid of your manual order process? Great news!

Syncorder have just given Syncorder APP a fully new suit, drastically improving the user interface and experience. The new graphics makes it super simple for the chef to intuitively navigate the app, quickly creating an order, checking what deliveries are expected on a specific day, or registering a delivery as received.

Based on our customer’s feedback, we are introducing 2 new functions:
     – Product search by vendor catalog 
     – In “Today’s overview” you get a quick overview of today’s deliveries and any burning issues

The second big news is that Syncorder App has been released for IOS! Hence from now on, Syncorder APP can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

Syncorder App is fully synchronized with the web version and ERP system by only one login. It makes the buying process easier for restaurants, by differencing quantity, price, delivery and approved or not approved orders. Hence removing errors and supporting error-free deliveries.

Click here to get a free trial or ask your vendor to get in contact with us.
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Welcome to digitized Supply Chain world.