Security procedures, technical/process measures
Once a data breach is reported the following actions take place:

Data breach is validated.

Proper and impartial investigation (including digital forensics if necessary) is initiated, conducted, documented, and concluded.

Remediation requirements are identified.

Findings are reported to the top management.

Appropriate authorities are notified and cooperation conducted as needed.

Impacted data subjects are properly notified, if necessary.
Mission, policy, data safety, compliance
The data safety mission of Syncorder is to protect the information of our clients from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification and deletion.

Syncorder is committed to ensuring the data safety of our clients and be compliant with local and international laws.

Syncorder protects our clients data using both physical, technical and organizational measures.

Only third-party processors that have adequate physical, technical and organizational measures to ensure the data safety of our clients will be allowed to process data on our behalf.
Certifications, standards, partners, reporting link
Syncorder uses encrypted communication on all connections between servers.

Syncorder offers encrypted communication for all services.

Data is replicated between at least 2 servers and backed up at least every 24 hours.

All servers are monitored continuously on hardware, operating system and applications.

All servers are protected by firewalls.

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