The future of order handling

A better way to manage your supply chain 

Syncorder is convenient to work with, it guides the order process and makes the relevant information from both vendor and buyer visible in one screen, online. Working with Syncorder ensure the companies always have support to solve problems arising during the order process.

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Clear workflow
Syncorders interface (API) is ready for integration with any ERP system - the ERP system updates Syncorder and Syncorder updates the ERP system with information from business partners outside the company, in an interchanging process.
Direct communication
Internet connection is the direct way of providing the most wanted "end to end" information from buyer to vendor. You just need access to the internet.
Easy search
Manage the supply chain in a productive way - the logic layout makes the use of Syncorder intuitive and ensures, that you, quickly gets familiar with the most common functions.
Syncorder uses one way encryption of logins and the internet traffic is secured with HTTP's certificates. A Firewall protects your business data from the web front server, that you use for operating orders.
Historic data
Value of speed in the Supply Chain is key to productive performance and good customer service in the daily operations of the company - you will get updated information online in Syncorder, as soon it is released from the ERP system or entered via the web interface.
Better overview
Syncorder works for PC/windows, and tablets. It supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, MAC OS /Safari OS and Chrome. Bring your online order information and supply chain with you, anywhere, anytime.
Makes your daily job easier

Makes your daily job easier
To get a fast overview is not always easy - Syncorder facilitates your personalized view including an operative “To-do-list” online.
Syncorder is for everyone

Syncorder is order management for nearly all types and sizes of companies, no matter the number of orders, both global and local.
Syncorder is ensuring quality of order data for high level of invoice match.
Synchronized order information
Order information is often available in different ERP and mail systems. Syncorder bundles the relevant data for managing the order in just one synchronized screen.
Easy set up of new vendors and customer at a low cost
It is often expensive and time consuming to set up an integrated order process with a new business partner.
Syncorder Invite function ensures fast and free set up supported by work flow for business partners.

One synchronized document - indefinite changes

Syncorder provides a mutual updating process of the order data during the order cycle. Syncorder exchange and displays document data from ERP systems or web loaded from the trading partners. Syncorder informs trading partners about the need for synchronization of different data.

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