New time saver and data quality leverage, the collaborative product master

new time saver

Syncorder introduce now a product catalogue for customers account, where data is generated from actual trade with products.

NOW: The times are over, where companies need to waste time to maintain their product master with all new products traded, or need to download from external industry databases etc, - now their own product master generate its own data automatically, - via the daily business.
Often the customer asks the vendor to keep his product master updated with customer data, via spreadsheets, PDF or other ways, - or the other way around, vendor ask customer to use vendor product data, - the power partner decide the conditions.

Updates between buyer and vendor product databases are often only done occasionally or by manual error finding, - leading to inconsistencies in operations like warehousing, invoice processing or loading volume parameters for trucks and containers.

The 2.1 release of feature company product catalogue feed via more sources, - direct entry in web front end, or import from business partner, when order transaction includes an item not traded before.  In this case automatically ask for import selection.

Further on, - products traded which carry different item numbers/description can be traded via individual company/company cross reference table, which means no more update of vendor or customers item numbers.

In a coming version of Syncorder Business Connector synchronization with ERP product master will be possible, securing that data in the ERP product master is generated from actual updated product trade data, thus enable time savings for maintenance of ERP product master data.

Syncorder’s leading collaborative product master is technically feasible, due to’s unique one document platform, where buyer/vendor data are shared in one trading document during whole order cycle, order to invoice.

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