Syncorder 2.1 with Product Catalogue, improved speed and automatic refresh

July 26, 2017

June 20th Syncorder released version 2.1 with the main changes being:


  • Added automatic order list updates to TODO and ActiveOrders (no need to refresh the page anymore)
  • Added Send invite, Pending Invites, and resend invite option
  • Added Product Catalogue allowing for reuse of product data & cross-referencing with suppliers and customers
  • Changed dates to be UTC+0
  • Parsed the users chat messages and replaced URLs with actual links
  • Redesigned the invitation email
  • Various UX (user-friendly) design improvements
  • Added REGEX search to “has X orderline segment” in TODO and ActiveOrders
  • Made [ENTER] keypress in inputs behave as if it was a [TAB] keypress (mainly in Create Order)
  • Improved the “Forgot Password” feature



  • Vastly improved general performance (i.e. loading speed on order lists)
  • Vastly improved communication between backend and SBC
  • Added auto-generated API documentation (
  • Added logging of all errors and outbound emails
  • Massive amount of database and backend changes to prepare for vastly quicker development in the future

Next release is expected before September.

There are many great reasons to use Syncorder

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