Can more systems be connected?

Syncorder can connect more systems in a ”digital enterprise” solution, for high productivity, low cost IT, and high speed, flexibility and control of supply chain.

The systems can be internal in your company and/or include external systems.

It is important that a comprehensive graphics design of data flow/supply chain flow is done, including functional description. And this specification must be signed off by all system owners. This is to support a safe and productive implementation.

Changes in mapping charts are to be done via change request documents for the relevant systems, and change must be signed off from system owners.

Changes in mapping charts, which are caused by changes in flow of goods/supply chain, should cause an update in the graphics document for dataflow/supply chain.

There are many great reasons to use Syncorder

Syncorder saves you time and costs, gets you closer to your vendors ande customers and simplify ordermanagement with the newset technology