How do data get received and sent related to my ERP installation?

Syncorder gets data from your ERP system via a Business Connector, which import and exports data for each process step to be handled (order request, confirmation, shipping, goods receive and/or invoice).

Syncorders business connector for your ERP system is located in the cloud and hosted by Syncorder.

Syncorder is doing the mapping to your system files, including a range of international data mapping formats.

Syncorder sends data back to your ERP system via similar translations.

Update is taking place every minute and can be carried out via file exchange or webservice.

The data communication is encrypted, and internet connections are secured via certificates.

If you change your data file formats, and you have a maintenance agreement with Syncorder, Syncorder will modify your maps accordingly to have your operations continue. Changes must be announced in due time to secure tests of new mappings and approval.

Syncorder require some minor service time windows, where non-availability of systems will occur. Such windows are announced and normally kept outside business hours. 

There are many great reasons to use Syncorder

Syncorder saves you time and costs, gets you closer to your vendors ande customers and simplify ordermanagement with the newset technology