What happens in the Syncorder cloud/order management?

syncorder.com create its own order document based on the ERP order document, which is common for both buyer and vendor. The document includes 5 steps in the order process from request to invoice. Each business partner manages his/her own steps (with access rights controlled by role).

Besides the fact that datafiles with order data are integrated with buyers/vendors ERP system, the data is also available in a browser, where common data can be seen. All submitted data to syncorder.com is common unless agreed otherwise. Updates happen online via hub technology triggered by updates from buyer or vendor, when entering data in the browser on syncorder.com or from ERP.

Data updated in syncorder.com either from browser or connected systems is mirrored/replicated to all other connected systems based on data flow specification (no redundancy in systems).

syncorder.com create synchronization possibility by informing about differences between buyers and vendors data relating to: Quantities, delivery dates, prices and item number and item descriptions.

Syncorders service team is available for solving of operational issues with transmissions and for training of users. Special high-level service agreements can be established (SLA).

There are many great reasons to use Syncorder

Syncorder saves you time and costs, gets you closer to your vendors ande customers and simplify ordermanagement with the newset technology