2.4 Series 

  • B2B standalone web browser based, mobile app and ERP plus logistics system integrated order transaction service. Covering from order to invoice in one single collaborative process flow using shared data.
  • The principle of data reuse between business partners is used through all order steps.
  • Intuitive one screen page showing full order cycle and all relevant data used from both buyer and vendor.
  • Order data is always updated seen from both buyer and vendors side, both when using stand alone, mobile app or when using integration to other platforms/systems via SBC.
  • Visually easy order progress status and notification.
  • Advanced line filtering for target of single order problem lines.
  • Chat inbuilt at transaction level.
  • Network model with few mandatory company master data for easy inter connectivity to all vendors/buyers in supply/demand chain network.
  • Global synchronization via worldwide distributed server platforms.

Provision of architecture

  • Global unique definition of business partner company and order manager (user).
  • Use of buyer and vendor data in same shared unique transaction document.
  • Comparison of buyer/vendor data fields covering same information, by transaction sequencing, archiving/updating, and subsequent notification of differences to be synchronized by business partners.
  • Advanced database and business layer design for fast order and scaled processing.
  • Leading edge technology for front end code and processing ensure many functions and calculations are delivered online in the GUI, conveniently for user experience, because the processing power of PC and mobile units are utilized to complement capacity of back end servers.


Available in via browsers via login provided from Syncorder or self-created onboarding via Syncorder invite from business partner.

Browsers in service (newer versions)

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer


Availability: 24/7/365 at 99% rate, given internet connection.

Login via encrypted username + password


Technology/connectivity backend containing business logic and database connects with equal API requirement and processing to:

  • web front end
  • Syncorder Business Connector (SBC) data exchange for ERP integration
  • Syncorder APP for mobile handsets/pads

Further features