Syncorder Business Connector (SBC)

3.1 Series

  • Customizable Software package coded for Windows Server and Windows PC for transformation of ERP data formats to XML format, and reverse.
  • The architecture collects/sends data from any ERP s specific data models and objects which cover the order steps including invoice into single object for whole business order.
  • The data categories which compose the files exchanged are: 

- Order header
- Order body, - lines
- Various meta data for definition of purpose of file exchange or subsets thereof (i.e. create, change, delete etc.).  Eventuelle chat.

  • The order steps served is request, confirm, ship, receive and invoice. Customization of the SBC is done by selecting which steps should be served and then map and test the actual ERP files to XML file.
  • Newer versions of Standard ERP systems in non-customized versions is the easiest to get established in the SBC, but also older and customized versions of ERP or even legacy ERP can be handled. In some cases, a small module for import/export of data must be created.
  • Mapping from ERP systems, where certain fields are customized away from standard, are handled by value mapping. IE: Unit of measure and currency.
  • The SBC handle both Purchase orders (PO) and Sales orders (SO) in same process architecture.
  • A parser function ensure that various file formats can be handled: XML, CSV, text, EDIFACT, X12, and various industry and ERP specific EDI standards, and more.

Change of existing ERP orders, enabled by SBC, automated and controlled by synchronization policy

  • The SBC works in cooperation with to facilitate full dynamic change of orders, which are mirrored in ERP.
  • SBC exchange every minute any outbound change from ERP to CLOUD to make changes available online for business partners.
  • SBC receive every minute any inbound change from provided by business partners for download to ERP is based on selection of synchronization policies for each business partner.
  • Authorized changes done in web user interphase or Syncorder APP MOBILE user interphase are processed as they were registered in ERP, that means are send back to own ERP every minute.


  • Implementation follow 4 distinct steps, typically with first chronological steps first (often the step” request”) 

- Contracting with actual files from ERP
- Mapping
- Testing
- Delivery / installation and approval by customer

  • The implementation can for standard ERP systems be done in 6 weeks, dependent on number of steps and resources on customer side for testing and approval, and depending of complexity of the ERP system.
  • The initial phase includes extract of the ERP files and submitting these to Syncorder for inspection and evaluation, eventually ask your ERP partner /consulting firm for such extraction.

Sample of integrations with Syncorder including ERP systems (more integrations upon request):

  • Oracle
  • X12
  • Production Master
  • QAD
  • Dynamics Axapta
  • VISMA Business
  • YonYou
  • Consignor

Hosting, and security

  • Hosting of SBC can be done inside customer’s own installation in a Windows server environment or at Syncorder´s servers.
  • When hosted in own installation Syncorder is offering a monitoring service which is included in the yearly service and upgrade fee.
  • When hosted at Syncorder the monitoring is free of charge.
  • The SBC will restart automatically if Windows server is down and gets into restarting process.
  • Internet traffic between ERP/SBC and is secured by FTPs server or HTTPs.