Syncorder APP

3.0.3 Series 

  • Collaborative and synchronizing order to invoice buyer role APP with management of both buyer and vendor data during order cycle transaction in one APP.
  • Fully integrated to backend of B2B order transaction platform, including vendor user interface for desktop or ERP/EDI integration.
  • Designed for mobile short session create and control and entry of data, along single admin and physical process steps in the order flow.
  • Login use with same login as the desktop application for PC/MAC.
  • Use in purchase processes in typical small businesses and as control for physical flow of inbound goods in medium/larger companies, working integrated with and  ERP.
  • Master data of buyer and vendors must be created before use in desktop session as well as first order transaction for given vendor.
  • Hybrid APP with replication and loading of updated data when WIFI or telco network is available.

Use for Android OS

English language

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  • Create order by selecting existing vendor and chose from open and completed  orders to create new order, reuse order data and add or delete lines and change existing data in lines
  • View confirmations from vendors
  • View upcoming deliveries based on shipments from your vendors
  • Make goods receive upon receipt of physical goods including changes
  • Approve invoices and handle changes
  • Complete orders
  • View NON-SYNC orders in To Do List, where there are differences in quantity, delivery date and price?
  • Improved offline functionality 

Upcoming versions, scope of releases:

  • Apple IOS
  • APP stores: Apple, Google Play and China Android APP stores
  • Vendor use
  • Camera use, with QR barcode on transaction prints and product barcodes
  • Language selection
  • Some offline functionality         

There are many great reasons to use Syncorder

Syncorder saves you time and costs, gets you closer to your vendors ande customers and simplify ordermanagement with the newset technology