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Redesigned Syncorder App has been released

February 27th, 2019 Syncorder released version 4.0.0 of Syncorder App with the main changes being:

The new Syncorder App is a complete redesign of the GUI to improve user experience and efficiency.

With the new design it has been possible to minimize the number of screens and number of clicks needed for controlling the order process.

Furthermore a new scanning feature has been introduced to additionally reduce the number of clicks needed.

At the same time it is now easier to overview the list of orders and their phases for running daily operations.


Syncorder 2.4 with improved error messages and additional product properties

January 11th, 2017 Syncorder released version 2.4 with the main changes being:

  • Improved error messages
  • Sales price and purchase price added to product catalogue. Logic also added to create order and confirm order steps.
  • Availability of product added to product catalogue plus order logic to avoid ordering unavailable products
  • Unit of measure added to product catalogue

 Next release is expected in March.

Syncorder 2.3 with visibility and improved date functionality 

November 6th, 2017 Syncorder released version 2.3 with the main changes being:

  • Arrival date, shipping date and Invoice date are now clearly distinguishable in the order
  • Visibility for item feature, making it possible to decide, if an item should be visible, when a trading partner, searches your product catalogue
  • Visibility for company feature, making it possible to choose, if your company should be visible for trading partners not knowing you already

Next release is expected in January.

2.2 version

Syncorder 2.2 with Buy-To-Order, http links and delivery notes

September 6th Syncorder released version 2.2 with the main changes being:


  • Possibility to print orders without prices (delivery notes)
  • Hub functionality on chat
  • FTP and HTTP links in chat
  • Extra Fields visible and editable
  • Showing in order, if it is deleted or closed by partner
  • Negation of filter elements
  • Order history visible
  • Filter on “orders not in sync”
  • Filter on order phases
  • Buy-to-Order configuration


  • Buy-to-Order logic
  • Changes for new SBC logic

Next release is expected in October.

2.1 release notes

Syncorder 2.1 with Product Catalogue, improved speed and automatic refresh

June 20th Syncorder released version 2.1 with the main changes being:


  • Added automatic order list updates to TODO and ActiveOrders (no need to refresh the page anymore)
  • Added Send invite, Pending Invites, and resend invite option
  • Added Product Catalogue allowing for reuse of product data & cross-referencing with suppliers and customers
  • Changed dates to be UTC+0
  • Parsed the users chat messages and replaced URLs with actual links
  • Redesigned the invitation email
  • Various UX (user-friendly) design improvements
  • Added REGEX search to “has X orderline segment” in TODO and ActiveOrders
  • Made [ENTER] keypress in inputs behave as if it was a [TAB] keypress (mainly in Create Order)
  • Improved the “Forgot Password” feature


  • Vastly improved general performance (i.e. loading speed on order lists)
  • Vastly improved communication between backend and SBC
  • Added auto-generated API documentation (
  • Added logging of all errors and outbound emails
  • Massive amount of database and backend changes to prepare for vastly quicker development in the future

Next release is expected before September.

Syncorder 1.9 improved navigation and speed 

July 20 Syncorder released the comprehensive new graphic version 1.9, coded in new faster technology, which features basically much more organized and calm graphics, including:

  • Create Order: Search function for vendor followed by list of order managers in vendor company, enable quick finding and launch of vendor and order receiver person/mailbox.
  • Clear visualization of own and business partner order manager, handling the specific order.
  • Configuration of additional order fields (comments, line quantity validation and more) as and option, when creating order.
  • Vertical visualization of all order steps, no vertical scroll needed any more.
  • Next order step for user for each line in the order is clearly marked.
  • 3 filters of line options for large orders with multiple line order handling,” all”,” require attention”, and” non-synch”, make it easy to eliminate lines where action is not needed for user.
  • Grouped segments in order screen for easy overview, with all values shown. When click on edit fields, segment opens up for entry or edit.
  • Right click on order lines with all functions for line management (add, delete, close, split, edit, copy).
  • Invoice step improved with simulation of synchronization of line value, before submit. Enable higher hit rate of automated invoice match at buyer side. Avoid sending of invoice data, which are not paid because they are not synchronized.
  • Order line values can be synchronized by adding discount or debit value to 3 fields, line value, unit discount and percentage discount. Other fields are interactively calculated visible on screen, when selecting one field.
  • Close/delete orders direct from lists of Active Orders and ToDo, gives a more convenient order book clean-up process.
  • Order history with detailed time stamped change log, alongside chat, for full order tracking.
  • Change of language without reloading of page.

 It is still possible to use the old GUI,, by selection on log in page of test and production system.

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