What happens in the Syncorder cloud/order management?
Syncorder Web create its own order document based on the ERP order document, which is common for both buyer and vendor. The document includes 5 steps in the order process from request to invoice. Each business partner manages his/her own steps (with access rights controlled by role).

Besides the fact that data files with order data are integrated with buyers/vendors ERP system, the data is also available in a browser, where common data can be seen. All submitted data to Syncorder Web is common unless agreed otherwise. Updates happen online via hub technology triggered by updates from buyer or vendor, when entering data in the browser on Syncorder Web or from ERP.

Data updated in Syncorder Web either from browser or connected systems is mirrored/replicated to all other connected systems based on data flow specification (no redundancy in systems).

Syncorder Web create synchronization possibility by informing about differences between buyers and vendors data relating to: Quantities, delivery dates, prices and item number and item descriptions.

Syncorders service team is available for solving of operational issues with transmissions and for training of users. Special high-level service agreements can be established (SLA).
How do data get received and sent related to my ERP installation?

Syncorder gets data from your ERP system via a Business Connector, which import and exports data for each process step to be handled (order request, confirmation, shipping, goods receive and/or invoice).

Syncorders business connector for your ERP system is located in the cloud and hosted by Syncorder.

Syncorder is doing the mapping to your system files, including a range of international data mapping formats.

Syncorder sends data back to your ERP system via similar translations.

Update is taking place every minute and can be carried out via file exchange or web service.

The data communication is encrypted, and internet connections are secured via certificates.

If you change your data file formats, and you have a maintenance agreement with Syncorder, Syncorder will modify your maps accordingly to have your operations continue. Changes must be announced in due time to secure tests of new mappings and approval.

Syncorder require some minor service time windows, where non-availability of systems will occur. Such windows are announced and normally kept outside business hours.
How is the sequence of implementation/activities?
Provide data files for send/receive on selected order steps.

Selection of data transfer formats and server set up.

Data fields to be mapped and mandatory fields in Syncorder Web.

Discuss and decide connection of fields, value mapping and logic.

Sequence of data flow, when more systems are to be connected, ie. finance, web shop, transport/TMS, WMS and production systems.

Shall the connected systems be able to handle changes in orders,- if yes which data fields are this valid for.

Connect data fields from ERP files to Syncorder Web file(mapping).

Loading of mapping in Syncorder Web test system.

Eventual adjustment of mapping/reload iteration and approval including change in connected systems.

Move test maps to production mode in all systems and Syncorder Web.

Total delivery time for one integration is 6-8 weeks if all resources completed.
Which changes of working procedures can be foreseen in relation to your ERP and current document flow with business partners?
Syncorders supply chain cloud enable a common visible and online platform to run your orders on. A valuable supplement to your ERP system.

The improvement from manually or semimanual intercompany processes to a truly digital and collaborative environment will provide you much information and many fast answers to problems and changes to the daily operations environment.

Life gets easier as the value of your ERP systems planning and execution processes are enhanced by live data from the Syncorder Web.

There can be processes, which are is advantageous to change, because information now is updated in real time.

Syncorder's consultants can help you to analyze and define such improvements in the business processes.
Can more systems be connected?
Syncorder can connect more systems in a ”digital enterprise” solution, for high productivity, low cost IT, and high speed, flexibility and control of supply chain.

The systems can be internal in your company and/or include external systems.

It is important that a comprehensive graphics design of data flow/supply chain flow is done, including functional description. And this specification must be signed off by all system owners. This is to support a safe and productive implementation.

Changes in mapping charts are to be done via change request documents for the relevant systems, and change must be signed off from system owners.

Changes in mapping charts, which are caused by changes in flow of goods/supply chain, should cause an update in the graphics document for data flow/supply chain.
What is the process, when you have decided to digitize your supply chain/ERP to use Syncorder's cloud?

Normally Syncorder manage the implementation in a determined sequence of activities to secure go live is safe at agreed time and costs.

If your ERP system or other connected systems do not have a test environment a special procedure is laid down to secure data quality during the implementation.

Syncorders project management can include other than your own systems for integration, when data flow/supply chain flow scope determine that specification.

The technical competence present in your IT organization or at your IT partner is normally sufficient to secure, that the integration run as planned.
Which documents are available for use in the process?
Syncorder have the following documents available at Syncorder Business Connector;

Datafiles from your ERP system

Standard server set up

Graphics design of data flow /supply chain flow, including sequence and functional description, when more integrations is set up in the solution

Mapping chart

Syncorder field description/list

Document regarding change of maps

Some of the documents are included in standard contracting with Syncorder.

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