About us

Syncorder is founded in 2010 with the purpose to optimize collaboration across the supply chain. 

Syncorder.com - a new approach to supply chain management

syncorder.com is an expanding supply chain service company on the internet. A company's value chain is connected with suppliers and customers in an easy and productive way - a new synthesis between EDI, ERP and the social media network model. All process and application design is based on best practice in Supply Chain Management, systems and user interface design.

Using the ultimate on line transparency and synchronizing features of syncorder.com means that companies will realize cost savings for order management, inventories, transportation and capacity utilization in production and warehouses will be increased. Syncorder improves the service level performance to customers, thus delivering higher customer satisfaction.

syncorder.com uses a new breaking technology and process paradigm, where business partners exchange of trading transaction information is shared online in a true collaborative platform. The system works integrated with ERP systems and as a stand-alone system, and in any combination for the actual trading network.

syncorder.com processing means that business partners constantly remove any upcoming differences between the business partners, during the trading transaction cycle. Synchronization is done in the CLOUD, delivering clean and updated information for company internal further processing.

syncorder.com enables companies to create, mirror and change their network of trading partners, suppliers and customers, as a social network type, operated in a fast and secure peer-to-peer relation..



Board of Directors

Frits Thomsen

Founder & CEO

Kim Baarsøe

Board Member

Henrik Jens Haaning

Board Member

Annette Brøndholt

Board Member

Niels Ravn

Board Member

Tom Jensen

Chairman Of The Board

Software Development

Jacob Breiting Sönnichsen

Group CTO +45 2090 0803 jas@syncorder.com

Joen J. Olsen

Developer jo@syncorder.com

Martin Klemp Larsen

Developer ml@syncorder.com

Ole Abrahamsen

Developer oa@syncorder.com



Denmark, Sweden & Poland



Jesper Larsen

Sales Director & COO +45 2092 0304 jla@syncorder.com


Piotr Lisowski

Market Manager +41 793 366 170 pl@syncorder.com

Tomasz Wysocki

Market Manager +45 2258 0801 tw@syncorder.com


Edgars Miezis

Market Manager +371 2788 2577 em@syncorder.com

Lucien Schummer

Market Manager +352 621 265 662 ls@syncorder.com

Claude Lamesch

Regional IT Manager +352 691 35 80 13 cl@syncorder.com



Jeffrey Shen

General Manager +86 185 1618 2005 js@syncorder.com

Yvonne Huang

Assistant yh@syncorder.com

Michael Zhang

Service Manager mz@syncorder.com

James Yang

Software Engineer +86 153 02652036 jy@syncorder.com


Deniz Yasar

General Administration, Marketing & PA +45 2075 0802 dy@syncorder.com

There are many great reasons to use Syncorder

Syncorder saves you time and costs, gets you closer to your vendors and customers and simplify order management with the newest technology.